Buy Acxion C 30 mg phentermine

Buy Acxion C 30 mg phentermine is a weight loss pill similar in its effect to amphetamines and also prescribed for a BMI of more than 30 or 27 kg / m². There are cases when the doctor prescribed Phentermine for emergency weight loss before surgery. Also, the drug can be prescribed to prevent diseases associated with severe obesity.

What is Acxion c ?

The medicine  Acxion c  is Phentermine, a medicine that suppresses the appetite

  1. Phentermine increases the hormone that is produced when we get scared: Adrenaline
  2. When Adrenaline reaches the brain, appetite decreases and alerts us.

Acxion medicine has an effect similar to Sibutramine but more localized in the brain

What is the difference between Acxion C 30mg and Acxion ifa 30mg?

Acxion C comes in capsules and Acxion comes in tablets. Cheers!

How to buy acxion 30 mg

you can buy acxion 30mg under the following presentations:

  • Acxion AP:  Composed only of Phentermine, they are prolonged-release tablets.
  • Acxion C:  Composed of Phentermine and whose presentation comes in capsules.
  • IFA Acxion: Whose base is Phentermine.

Your doctor should adjust the dose or cancel the drug for the following side effects: nervousness, dry mouth, high blood pressure, constipation, depression, anxiety, tachycardia.